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Standard housing “Over the Lagoon Zegrzyński”

Standard of area of detached houses “Nad Zalewem Zegrzyńskim” located in Wieliszew at Solidarności Avenue

The usable floor space according to technical specifications is:

1. terraced house – 156.30 sq. m.

2. detached house – 150.00 sq. m.

A slab-on-grade, two-storey high building with garage.

The structure and finishing of a building:

  • Cast-in-place monolithic reinforced concrete long strip footings
  • Foot walls made of concrete masonry units with a cement mortar
  • External walls made of structural clay tiles U-220, warmed with foamed polystyrene 12 cm thick + mineral plaster applied over lathing mesh
  • Internal walls
  • Load-bearing walls made of structural clay tiles
  • Partition walls made of hollow bricks or plasterboards on metal studs framing

Chimneys – chimney systems with structural clay gas pass to the domestic heating plant and fireplace

  • Ceiling between floors
  • Beam-and-block reinforced concrete floors Terriva – terraced house
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete floors – detached house
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete lintels
  • Reinforced concrete inside stairs
  • Wall and ceiling surfaces – cement-lime plaster laid with plaster unit
  • Plastic ventilation grates
  • Flooring in a residential part – concrete floor underlay, damp insulation of base sheet, foamed polystyrene 5 cm thick, floor membrane, screed
  • Poured-wet external terraces


  • roof supporting structure – impregnated timber roof truss system
  • warming of mineral wool 20 cm thick
  • vapour-proof membrane
  • roof covering – concrete tile
  • brick-red-coloured gutters and downspouts PVC
  • brick-red-coloured flashings
  • plasterboard soffit

Window and door frames:

Composite PVC, two-colour, five-chamber windows, window ventilators in the kitchen and living room, colour – white from the inside and a light oak from the outside

Window stools and sills:

  • brick-red tin window sills
  • skirting boards – clinker tile coating
  • light-oak-coloured antiburglar exterior door
  • light-oak-coloured up-and-over warmed garage door


damp insulation:

  • on continuous footings – building felt on a bitumen adhesive
  • foot walls smeared with bituminous waterproofing compound R+P
  • horizontal insulation in a flooring – building felt on a blinding concrete
  • horizontal insulation of Ardex mass in the wet rooms

thermal insulation:

  • warming of external walls with foamed polystyrene 12 cm thick
  • warming of slab-on-grade floor with foamed polystyrene 12 cm thick
  • roof warmed with mineral wool 20 cm thick

acoustic insulation:

  • foamed polystyrene 2 cm thick on a ceiling

Exterior works:


  • brown-coloured internal fence – wooden fence 1,2 m in height on a steel grate between buildings
  • brown-coloured external fence – wooden fence 1,2 m in height on a steel grate
  • entrance gate – steel grate covered with brown-coloured wood – on the analogy of fence
  • accesses by road, pavements – sett concrete
  • external infrastructure – sanitary sewage system, water supply and distribution network, gas grid, electricity network – according to discipline-specific designs

Plumbing works:

Central heating system:

Heat source

A gas-fired boiler will be heat source for central heating system:

Terraced house – gas-fired heating boiler with water heater 120 litres in capacity. The boiler placed in a maintenance room equipped with gravity ventilation.

Detached house – gas-fired double-function condensing boiler with a circulation cycle. The boiler placed in the kitchen equipped with gravity ventilation.

The installations are laid under flooring and driven to zonal distributors. The service droppers and horizontal sections of installation made of pipes PE. Zonal distributors on outgoing service droppers.

The heater inlet pipes will be fabricated of conduits PE. These conduits will be laid in the flexible corrugated conduits or coverings for failure protection or to enable to do some motions caused by elongation.

Combined water and sewage system

Sewage system

The external gravity sewerage is connected to a local area network. The internal sanitary sewage system includes an execution of complete horizontal distribution under the ground floor flooring. The bell-and-spigot pipelines PVC with internal seals (rubber gasket).

The horizontal sections of sewerage PVC are led to external drainage system.

The bell-and-spigot soil pipes PVC are guided in wall chases or vertical service shafts. The vent stacks will be applied on soil pipes.

Water system.

A cold water system will be fed by house connection from external water supply and distribution network. The cold water supply service line will be made of pipes PE. The water meter assembly will be placed in a building. It is envisaged that for horizontal sections and cold water risers will be used plastic pipes connected by gluing. The horizontal water system is distributed in pipe chases to fixture branches of riser pipes and to warm water supply as well as to sill cock (with drain valve in a winter).

Service droppers of cold water are assembled in pipe chases by the soil pipes.

The fixture branches in rooms to plastic devices are connected with compression couplings – closed water conduits are laid on the walls or in pipe chases.

Installation of sanitary fixtures

A quantity and location of fixture branches to

the water take-off points according to technical design.

Within the scope of these works falls execution of:

  • horizontal branch drains to designed sanitary appliances (installation of sanitary fixtures + fittings shall not fall within the scope of finish),
  • fixture supplies (warm and cold water to a riser pipe), pipe elbows 1/2″ (installation of sanitary fixtures + fittings shall not fall within the scope of finish)

Gas supply system

The gas supply system for individual buildings will be consisted of the following elements:

The shut-off cock will be assembled in a cabinet. The gas connection cabinets will be placed before fence or in a fence line. A gas fixture branch to a building takes place by applying the gas pipe PE laid in earth about 80 cm in depth. Indoor system in a building enables to hook up a gas-fired boiler. The gas supply system will be made as a whole of seamless pipes connected by welding (pipes as per the Polish standard PN-80/H-74219).

A boiler connection only is predicted as a detachable joint. Gas meter and reducer will be delivered and assembled by Gasworks in a gas cabinet after signing the gas delivery contract with Gasworks.

Wiring system

Measurement and electric service line. A direct measurement of electrical energy is located in a free-standing combination starter. The electricity meter will be delivered and assembled by the Electricity Board after signing by user the power delivery contract with the Electricity Board.

The external power supply lines for a building will be made with the use of cable leading from free-standing distribution unit composing of cable joint, master board and gauge panel, to the distribution board placed in a vestibule of a building.

The distribution board of a building will be located in the area of entry way. The distribution set will be equipped with apparatus assembled on a standard connecting busbar.

Interior wiring. A quantity and location of fixture branches to the electrical appliances, indoor lighting points and  lighting outlets is designed individually together with Purchaser – it is predicted about 79 electrical points on one building.

The power supply wiring system will be made as a whole of insulated conductors 750 V. A fabrication of wiring system with cable outlet in junction boxes was adopted as a standard.

Delivery and assembly of lighting fixtures shall not fall within the scope of design brief.

Instalacja zasilaj±ca wykonana będzie w całości przewodami o izolacji 750 V. Jako standard przyjęto wykonanie instalacji z wyprowadzeniem kabli w puszkach. Dostawa i montaż opraw oświetleniowych nie wchodzą w zakres standardu wykończenia.
Instalacja gniazd wtykowych 230 V i instalacja 3×230/380V wykonana będzie przewodami o izolacji 750 V. Gniazda wtykowe nie wchodzą w zakres wykonania.

The power outlet system 230 V and wiring system 3×230/380V will be made of insulated conductors 750 V. Socket outlets shall not fall within the scope of execution.

Telecommunication engineering systems

Telecommunication engineering systems include:

  • electrical cabling for installation of telephones, 1 electric outlet on the ground floor and 1 electric outlet on the first floor;
  • electrical cabling for doorphone system to a walkway gate (fittings shall not fall within the scope of execution);
  • electrical cabling for alarm system assembly.