We are building for the future

About Company

The Construction and Engineering Enterprise BUDECON S. A. (JSC) acts on the Polish market in a building trade since 1995.

A scope of activity includes the complex workmanship of mixed-use objects, including industrial plants, service and commercial facilities as well as residential buildings. We specialize in construction of water and district heating mains and intercepting sewers, as well. We build both new objects and we do repair work of industrial plants, service facilities and objects of residential construction.

Our company disposes of work force of over hundred employees, including twenty six employees of technical inspection entitled to exercise autonomous functions in a building of construction-building, water and sewage, power-engineering, electric and construction-engineering specializations. The remaining employees are construction technicians, civil workers, specialists as well as administrative assistants.
Our company disposes of its own warehousing and equipment depot. Such technical background enables to build of any large-span structures together with finishing and installations. The following equipment and machines are on issue of the company: shovels, loader-excavators, loaders, crawler dozers, crane, steel-wheel rollers, compressors, tipper and platform trucks, delivery vans, welding machines, auger boring machines and percussion drills, cement mixers, tower and tubular scaffolds, lift trucks as well as series of other certified high-quality instruments.
During twenty-year activity on the market our company worked out for itself the all-Poland network of reliable suppliers of high-quality materials, due to which construction progress runs efficiently and proceeds smoothly.
Thanks to experience and firmness of our employees and due to modern technology we provide our customers with a high quality of services performed by us.