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Radzionków is a town located in Silesian Province in the north part of Upper Silesian Industrial District, it is about 20,000 population.

A buying power index for Radzionków is 95 according to data GfK Polonia of 2014. (mean index for Poland – 100). Spending power for one inhabitant is 23,461 PLN

Project data

Location: Radzionków, at street crossing of European Union and Szymały,
Real property: about 2.2 ha in area,
Design assumptions: shopping park with a broad clothing, shoe and electronic assortment in close proximity of food shop,
Leasable area: food centre about 1,100 sq. m. in area, shopping park about 4,600 sq. m. in area,
Leaseholder: Biedronka

Planned opening: fourth quarter 2014 – food centre, second quarter 2015 – shopping park.

Project location and impact range

Site management and shopping park plan