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Solidarności Avenue, 05-135 Wieliszew.

A municipality of Wieliszew is located at the middle portion of Mazovian province where the Vistula and Narew rivers fork, about 30 kilometers from Warsaw.
The location gives quick and convenient access to the town centre and other districts of Warsaw both by one’s own vehicle and bus service by national road № 61, regional roads № 621 and № 631 or the Warsaw-Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki commuter trains. The municipality is served by Polish National Motor Communication from Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, as well.
The municipality of Wieliszew with its large forest complexes, numerous monuments of nature, ponds and meadows forms an oasis of silence and quietness with perfect conditions for leisure pursuits and recreation. A parish of Wieliszew is predominantly afforested, that’s why 2/3 municipality is in a zone of Warsaw Land Protection Area.

Clean environment, numerous natural monuments, tourist trails, beaches of Zalew Zegrzyński, nature untouched by civilization and many other attractions made the dwellers of other cities come to have a rest to Wieliszew oftener and oftener as well as many of them settles permanently in this municipality.

Outline map of municipality of Wieliszew



The new area of detached houses “Nad Zalewem Zegrzyńskim” in Wieliszew at Solidarności Avenue was designed for the benefit of our customers, having theirs needs and convenience in mind.
Area of detached houses consists of twenty eight town houses as well as five detached houses with the following metric area:

terraced house: 156.30 sq. m.
detached house: 150.00 sq. m.

House furnishing standard

Standard of houses




Projections of flats in the town houses

Projections of housing-detached houses